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US Power Revealed by Lor
July 21, 2006, 10:39 pm
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It’s interesting to look back and see how old news reveals the rest of the story. Back on June 29, I posted a story entitled “White House Gives Israel the Go Ahead.” It was all about the administration saying how it was now okay for Israel to defend itself, with references to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The significant thing is the change in the US position. A signal? Now, just a few weeks later, it’s playing out in Lebanon and the administration is sticking by that philosophy in a game of much higher stakes.

Reading actions, the direction of our strategies is plain. That our administration thinks it is justifiable to provoke a fight for higher purposes defines a phlosophy that could never be explained by plain talk to the American People. Reading talk, you’d get an entirely different picture designed to appeal to the moral fiber of our population.

Question is, where do you stand? And why?


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Personally, any gov’t that resorts to tricks in order to justify it’s actions crosses my moral boundry. They do this to keep extracting our tax dollars and to tax the rest of the oil consuming nations- and of course basic morality says you don’t steal from the poor to feed the rich. But isn’t this what the dying age of “Colonialism is all about? It was one thing to do it when they were throwing rocks; now we might be in for a real fight and that is what they in part are trying to prevent (see Iran) of course the response is that it is for our own good. Is It? Or have our old moneyed policymakers refused to change? YES THEY HAVE REFUSED! and they want to run the world the way they did in the last century, keep themselves on top, and it won’t work. If you want my suggestions on alternatives, that is another story.

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