Oh No, Bro!

Where Living Well Is the Best Revenge by Lor
July 20, 2006, 2:59 pm
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Oh Yes, Bro!

Can you do with less, and be satisfied with it? Tony Long of Wired News says:

“I’ve had it with the rat race. I’m tired of scrambling to make a buck, tired of working for The Man. America is the unending hamster wheel to oblivion, where apparently you win if you die while in possession of a plasma TV, the fattest mortgage or the bitchinest Beemer ever. So, where to go?”

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Just be smart enough to not owe anyone anything and then you will be free. Ahhh, sorry, I was wrong- even if you are free and clear the taxes you owe will keep you on the wheel- and those medical costs will have you with a new mortgage on your house- and of course your gas guzzler is out of date along with everything else you bought in this society due to built in obsolescence. You will now have to raise your grandchildren cause the Kids both work and still can’t aford it. So why not just form a corp. and move overseas with it’s operations like the best of Big Busineses do! They are the smart ones you know, your just the slave/hamster taxpayer tasked with protecting them abroad while they avoid American taxation and pay their execs millions. Of course they deserve it! And we will have hell to pay for being so stupid as thinking our Representitives in Congree really had our interests at heart. Viva la trailer Trash Revolution! Drag it accross the border and become a Mexican, adopt a few kids here and have them send their wlfare checks to you there. Thats what the multinationals are doing! They have the CIA, NSA, and the US military at their disposal! And guess what? That costs alot more than Aid for families with dependent children! So take a lesson from Congressional legislation and Multinational Corps. Incorperate and move over seas! Let the rest of the hamsters over here pay the bill to support it!

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