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Sophia Loren, 71, To Pose Nude For Calendar by Lor
July 11, 2006, 4:22 pm
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Veteran sex symbol Sofia Loren, first featured on magazine covers half a century ago, will appear for next year’s Pirelli calendar dressed up only in diamond earrings.

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Sign me up! The age thing is now more a display of wonderful new technoligies and the money to pay for it anyway, so I guess by American standards that makes her even MORE attractive. Anyone care to discuss the topic of Bio-Ethics? The discussions I had 30 years ago are now bearing fruit. MAKE LOTSA MONEY AND IF YOU WANT YOU CAN LIVE TO BE 140 AND LOOK GOOD TOO! Damn the poor people, we have plenty of others begging to become part of our built in underclass in this country-we are much more sophisticated now than we used to be in the slave days. In fact, many of the “SLAVES” would not take the jobs illeagals are taking today, that is unless they have 3.8 children here who are elegible for welfare, medicare, social security, and an education at the cost of 6500/yr per head, oh and food stamps too. Meanwhile, daddy lives in a dorm and saves his money and buys that rancho in Mexico at naturalized rates (about 15k American for a workable plot of land and a house. Hell, I would take that deal too! I am all for open borders IF I CAN BUY MEXICAN LAND AT NATURALIZED MEXICAN CITIZEN PRICES AND NOT HAVE TO PAY US TAXES EITHER WHILE I AM THERE OR HERE IN THE STATES. The majority work under the table on a cash basis while here- ther children born here are us citizens and entitled to plenty of perks cause they a’nt got no hay (except for that little rancho free and clear after 5 years or so…).

Comment by Bro 2

Leave it to my brother to turn a note about Sophia Loren into a comment on illegal aliens and citizen’s rights.

Comment by Lor

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