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On the Road Again, Where Biodiesel Is a Rising Star by Lor
July 6, 2006, 2:17 am
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Soaring fuel costs have many consumers curtailing needless driving trips. But not Mike Frybarger. Last summer, the 49-year-old independent trucker got in his Volvo 770 tractor-trailer, drove for 2½ days and logged more than 1,200 miles. He passed hundreds of service stations, without stopping at any of them. He did not need them.

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The fiirst cars in this country ran on alchohol distiled from farmers crop discards.As the car craze grew and efficient bio sources were planted, your fossil fuel friends jumped into the fray and lobbied car builders and state agencies to restrict the production and distribution of such a fuel to “liscenced distributers”of guess what? fossil based fuels. The car companies balked, and were allowed the compromise of “switchable carbonation”- this allowed oil based gasoline to run on the original alchohal based cars (for you in the city) by adding more air at the flick of a switch- and farmers to run on alchohol. Do I smell a class action suit for
environmental and endless health disorders and deaths due to this OBVIOUS manipulation for BENEFIT by oil industry? Remember, and compare how clean the emissions were BEFORE they legislated their way to an oil based monopoly!

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