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Jimmy Carter: Our leaders have become obsessed with secrecy by Lor
July 4, 2006, 7:15 pm
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Our leaders have become obsessed with secrecy, but other nations in the developed and developing world are recognizing that a free flow of information is fundamental for democracy.

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You think your vote matters concerning 3 am legislation, or ANYTHING currently on the agenda? I think all you have to do is follow the money trail to any specific legislation and you will find that we are actually living under “corperate fascisim”.Sure your vote may matter to get them elected (although they are financed by the corp. elite) their promises will fall by the wayside when they get down to the biz of what they were financed to do in the first place-corp. bidding! They have the tough job of fooling you, the taxpayer, into believing they are on your side, doing your bidding! When the fact remains that it is corperate bidding going on and these corperations have NO LOYALTY TO YOU, the taxpayer. They will outsource your job, refuse to repatriate funds and leave you with the tax bill to uphold our military and protect “American interests abroad”.

Comment by Bro 2

The above comment goes to the heart of much of the secrecy- they DON”T want you to know what they are REALLY DOING! Also, Carter was the first President to be denied acces to Gov, UFO files, as all Presidents since have been. You want info on BIG busines? Crack some of those verbotten files and you will see trillions of “private $ made” on what should be public domain info and technology. Again, your tax dollars working against you and society itself.

Comment by Bro 2

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