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Giant Red October Typhoon sub surfaces near public beach by Lor
June 30, 2006, 9:29 pm
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A few cool photos of a Typhoon (941 Akula) sub, the largest ever built, as it made a pass near a beach. When you look at the photo, just think of the 20 ICBMs it’s carrying onboard. That’s 10 nuclear warheads per ICBM, 200 total! Those beachgoers have no idea of what’s sailing by them.

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Uhhh, is this off Florida or is it Mission Beach in San Diego?(sic) As long as we are displaying all of our “mighty potential” off hawaii this week (us gringos) – then I guess the poor beaten Russians have to remind us that their strategic arsenal is intact and better than ever. So much for the end of the cold war and the arms race- We have doubled our defence spending and thats not counting the “separate money” for the wars in Iraq and Afg. Oh, by the way, we are broke just like the Russians, so do we feed the people or build more bombs so we can end this mess and eliminate all the hungry people once and for all damnit!

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