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Breaking News: US Supreme court rejects Guantanamo trial by Lor
June 29, 2006, 5:06 pm
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The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Bush administration does not have the authority to try terrorism suspects by military tribunal. In a landmark decision, the court upheld the challenge of Osama Bin Laden’s ex-driver against his trial at the US facility at Guantanamo.

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I think George should put the Supreme court in Guantanamo for aiding and abetting terrorists. This is a National Security situation and the President has it in his power to do “Whatever it takes” to protect us lowly taxpayers. After all, don’t they know we are in another undeclared war and the future of America is again at stake? Oh, doesn’t the constitution REQUIRE congress to declare war? The President never had this power and he is TAKING YOUR RIGHTS AWAY BASED ON YOUR BELIEF THAT HE CAN! Wake up stupid.

Comment by Bro 2

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