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On Energy, War, and our Economic Future by bro2
June 26, 2006, 12:51 am
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If you correlate this information with the value of the dollar between oil producing states and oil importing states, you will come to an obvious conclusion:

1. It is better for oil importers to trade in Euros. This is due to the fact that the dollar is declining and the euro is rising- therefore purchasing euros to buy oil will give you a better bang than the buck- While every day you will need more bucks to buy that same barrel.

2. Oil producers forced to buy declining dollars have a much better return with an inflating euro held in their banks rather than a deflating dollar that is increasingly buying less. If a producer sells oil based on euros, watch out. We will invade and reinstate the dollar as the trading currency.- see IRAQ -we reinstated the dollar 2 months after invasion. Russia we can’t attack or they will nuke us. They are the current biggest producer selling in euros and account for the lions share of the petro euros percentages seen on the chart from the link at the bottom of this page. See the current situation in Iran, with their new oil bourge, trading in euros, slated to become a direct competing oil market based in euros rather than the dollar. Will we eliminate this? HOW? The pat response is destroy their nukes. The American public is no longer so ignorant.
Venezuela- a military coup backed by us seems likely- if not already in progress. Mexico- now here is an interesting case. It breaks the mold. An oil producer whose currency is still devaluating against the dollar? Why? Who is invading who and who owns the oil at who’s expense seems to be a possible explanation for this VERY obvious break from the mold of oil producer trends. My guess is that Texas extends much further south and those living south of the border are paying a HUGE price for supplementing increasing US demand and less reliance on other producers (just a guess).

3. The decline of the dollar has NOT been across the board. Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran- all oil producers with their currency tied to the dollar are in parity with the dollar. On the other hand, Oil consuming nations (the FREE WORLD) see dramatic currency increases when compared to the dollar, forcing them to buy even more dollars to purchase oil on the petro dollar based market. This is a HUGE tax on them, financing our operations. This DRAMATIC INCREASE of the number of dollars held in reserves to buy oil across the oil importing “FREE WORLD” (DUE TO BOTH A 40% DECLINE OF THE DOLLAR AND A TRIPLING OF OIL PRICES) has led to our low interest rates and has financed our rapidly increasing deficit spending- our printing presses are working overtime to put out the dollar and they give us REAL PRODUCTS in exchange for them, so they will have the means to buy oil. Our promise of delivery is now increasingly coming to question- Increasing Demand and supply disruptions increase price= More dollars in the US treasury that is, unless the trading is in euros. Hard choices must be made. Look to the Soviet Union 25 years ago, the collapse of oil prices, and compare their economic demise to an ” Oil Supplying” nation (the US) who is increasingly relying on high oil prices to maintain dollar purchases. Remove the dollar purchases, and the same consequences will occur here. . What will we do? Threaten to cut off delivery for those trading in euros? So much for our “promise of delivery”. All the more reason to trade in euros. There are plenty of nukes to go around, so those caught disrupting supply will certainly be dealt with harshly by the oil consuming Free World, especially if they are reaping benefits by trading in euros (I am speaking about our European” allies” here).

4.The percentages of euro traded oil are rapidly increasing, and for good reason- the recent increases of the price per barrel has forced countries to triple their purchases of dollars + double that- due to the decline of the dollar in the last 5 years. The result of all that petro DOLLAR buying has given us a way to prevent a collapse, in the short term. A long term fix may come from the relaxing of US and other international patent laws pertaining to energy creation, storage, and transmission devices. Without these legal changes to our global system relating to these devices, the world will not only see a complete economic restructuring, but will ultimately implode as the oil runs out. WHERE IS OUR GLOBAL ENERGY POLICY? WHERE AND WHAT IS
THE US ENERGY POLICY? LAWS THAT ENCOURAGE CONSUMPTION OF FOSSIL FUELS? NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY? The future of the human race is at stake. Simple re-division of spoils to a few “benefactors” will not work this time. We need a completely new energy supply and distribution system. The current one is broken and spinning out of control. After all, we all live on this planet.


Current petro euro percentages by country.

The countries purchasing oil in euros ARE NOT ARE FRIENDS. We depend on them buying dollars to buy oil to support OUR GREAT DECLINING LIFESTYLE! As these percentages grow and more countries begin purchasing euros instead of dollars to buy oil, our economy will suffer, and so the rest of the world.

If you want to know what we are really up against, who is our REAL FRIEND and who is not, look at the list of oil consuming “FREE WORLD” countries and their ever growing petro euro buying.


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